Elegant. Stylish. Opulent.


A heavenly collection full of florals, pastels and gorgeous nudes accents. All Scrunchies are made to last and are handmade to the highest quality. They are so elegant and will do wonders for your hair health! Perfect for everyday use and appropriate for all hair types.


There are 12 designs available

Fresh Peony Petal

Ocean Zephyr

White O'Hara

Secret Garden

Sahara Dust

Enchanted Ash Rose

Sweet Blossom

Iced Wild berry

Orchid Blush

Sun kissed Starburst

Lilac Romance

Winter Bloom



All  scrunchies are made from Beautiful Silks including silk organza's and Satins and are designed to avoid hair creases and hair breakages.


Each and every order is luxuriously packaged with love - why not add a personalised note with your  order, handwritten in gold ink.

Summer Breeze Collection