Paradise Lost

‘Paradise Lost’, a collection initially inspired by thoughts of paradise and escapism within the highly dense and busy urban culture of Hong Kong.

My ideas originated from recent visit to Hong Kong, where I became influenced to think beyond the obvious, bringing a sense of the density and complex urban lifestyle into my work through use of layering embroidery and embellishment processes into thoughtful compositions to reflect this. To contrast, I wanted the imagery and colour palette to come from Hong Kong’s botanical gardens, the more peaceful and unspoilt side of Hong Kong that no one ever sees.

Innovation and originality is approached through the translation of illustrative hand paintings from surroundings into intricate and complex digital embroidery and embellishment designs. Combining emerging technologies such as digital embroidery and laser cutting with innovative 3D hand embellishment techniques with thoughtful consideration of colour, pattern and placement for use within a ready-to-wear high fashion context.

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